Buy Heliconia, Canna and Ginger Plants at Lush Plants Australia. Most gingers have unusual long lasting flowers and vary in height.  Some can be grown indoors in pots.  We offer a variety of colourful and fascinating flowering tropicals for different climates.

Heliconia, Ginger and Canna Plants

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false cardamom
$ 9.95
On Sale alpinia_calcarata
$ 14.95
Native Ginger 'Red Back' (Alpinia caerulea) mature plant
$ 11.95
Out Of Stock Curcuma Turmeric rhizomesTurmeric Ginger Flower - Curcuma longa syn domestica - Mature Plant
$ 9.95
Out Of Stock Shell Ginger - Alpinia zerumbet - Flower on mature plant
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Out Of Stock Heliconia-rostrata-mature-tropical-plant
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Out Of Stock alpinia_luteocarpa
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