Kenyan Dragon Flower (Huernia keniensis )

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Stunning little deep purple flowers on hardy succulent. Best in part shade. Drought tolerant. Plants for sale: Incredibly cute - approx 10-15cm long stems.

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Kenyan Dragon Flower (Huernia keniensis )

Native to Kenya and Tanzania, this very unusual tropical succulent produces an abundance of stunning little deep purple flowers.  These flowers do not produce a smell but look amazing!

An incredibly cute little plant, the angled stems grow to about 12.5cm long and about 1cm thick.  Perfect for your cactus or succulent collection.

Growing your dragon flower:

Mix must be well draining, use a succulent mix and plant in a shallow pot that can dry out easily.  It is very important the soil is allowed to drain and dry out between waterings.

Best in part shade, or indoors in a bright spot, this cutie will turn reddish if too much sun.  Drought tolerant.  Grow best between 10-27C, protect from freezing weather.

Plants for sale: Strong little plants 10cm+ stems.