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Fresh Dragonfruit delivered to your Door!

Buy Fresh Dragon fruit Online!

Good afternoon!  I hope all our customers are enjoying a lovely break! 

I know lots of you are busy ordering plants for our next shipment on the 3rd of January which is looking like a very busy day already!  

Remember I said we have a few surprises in store in a previous blog?!  

Well, here is the first….. Lush Plants has a small Dragonfruit Orchard and the season is just starting!  

So for the next few months we will be offering Fresh Dragonfruit delivered to your door as well as Amazing Plants!


Beautiful dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is the popular name for pitaya or pitayha, a delicious tropical fruit borne on a cacti-like succulent vine.  Juicy, delicious, with a texture that is a cross between a melon and a kiwi, and an exterior that is alien-like, this fruit is crazy combination of wonderful!

Dragonfruit offers many health benefits, and now you can buy fresh dragon fruit online!  As well as being full of vitamins and minerals, the seeds (which are unnoticable when eating - like kiwi) contain the Omega oils your body craves.  

Diabetics love dragon fruit because of the low sugar content and good fibre content which means a low glycaemic index, so they can be enjoyed in moderation.

The fibre in the dragonfruit is also great for the digestive system, it keeps things running smoothly and there is also evidence as to the probiotic benefits of this marvellous fruit.

Enjoy them just as nature intended after a chill in the fridge for a cool refreshing treat, or teem the fruit with a ice cream, cream or any creamy based dessert.  They are fabulous in smoothies and the red and purple fleshed varieties produce an amazing colour.

Chefs love them, they can produce the most spectacular looking fruit dessert and fruit platters as well as delicious salsas.  white dragonfruit


Dragonfruit are also used as a garnish or as a main ingredient in cocktails.


Kids love them too and they are super healthy and an amazing addition to any lunch box!



purple fresh dragonfruitOur dragons are picked when perfectly ripe, rinsed in cool water and carefully packed on the farm before being shipped direct to your address.

Dragonfruit crops come in waves and so will be available “on and off” over the coming 6 months and supplies will be limited.

We are offering different boxes - White flesh / Red flesh and Gourmet boxes which will include some of the more exotic purple and pink flesh varieties, so expect to be surprised :)


We are anticipating the first crop to be ready for shipment on the 16th January and nature will determine how many of each box we will have closer to that date.

Please drop into the website to register your interest now by using the “notify me” button, as soon as fruit is available we will notify you by email so that you can place your order.

Shipping is included in the price of all boxes of fruit.


Don’t forget to tell your friends about our dragonfruit, they are not always easy to find at the markets and you will not get fresher than ours!


Register your interest and be notified as soon as they are ready:

Fresh Dragonfruit from Lush


Due to Quarantine and as we do not chemically treat our fruit we can only send to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC


Dragon fruit are also known as: dragonfruit, pitaya, pitayha, hylocereus polyrhizus, hylocereus costaricensis, buah naga, khmer sror kaa neak, kaeo mang kon, thanh long, hui long gut, long zhu guo, white dragon fruit, pink dragon fruit, purple dragon fruit, yellow dragon fruit.



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