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Palm Trees; Wonderful Self Cleaning Palms


Majestic PalmSelf Cleaning Palm Trees

Caring for a Self Cleaning Palm Tree is not much different than caring for other tropical plants.

A Self Cleaning Palm is a palm that sheds its fronds or trunk-cover efficiently as the plant grows. This isn’t to say other palms don’t shed their Palms, it is just more likely that Self Cleaning Palms will have a fresh appearance during shedding compared to the others that have a visually slower process.

Follow the Self Cleaning Palm’s Care Instructions.

Knowing a palm’s particular species and characteristics will give an advantage to caring for the palm. Never assume that your particular Palm can survive in the conditions of others. An example: Although most Palms love plenty of sun, the Parlour Palm is an exception. Due to its ability to grow beneath the dense canopies of the rainforest, the Parlour Palm actually thrives in lower light conditions. On the contrary, the giant Bangalow Palm craves hours of full sun.

Self Cleaning Palms are generally happiest in a rich, moist, well-drained soil.

Most self palms desire, very warm climates with lots of sun and plenty of water. They need plentiful water but palms also benefit when the soil dries between watering.  The general rule is that palms like warm weather and lots of water but some palm species could also withstand frost.

If the specific needs are met then your Self Cleaning Palm will survive with little maintenance.

In an ideal environment, the lifespan of a palm can range from 40-100 years depending on the species. Strong winds tend to be the biggest concern for young Palms.

Buy Self Cleaning Palms Online

Buy Self Cleaning Palms Online to increase the selection. Not all species are available at the local nurseries but buying young palms or seeds online from a reputable plant nursery is a common way to get your exact palm and stay within your budget

Alexander Palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae) Beautiful, graceful palm. Native to Australia's coast. Trunks are pale gray, 20cm in diameter. Fronds are silvery white underneath and the Alexander Palm grows to aprox 15m tall. Trunk is slightly bulbous.

Carpentaria acuminata has a very attractive form and is fast growing, it can be planted singularly, but best when planted in groups of 3 or more. Popular with plant hire companies for indoors triple planted. When planted with other palms or trees, they will outgrow the others, and will add height to the garden quickly. Carpentaria Palms are self cleaning palms.This graceful palm is often used to line boulevards, avenues and streets. Common names: Carpentaria Palm, Carpie

A List of other Self-Cleaning Palms

The basic rule:  if a palm has a true crownshaft, an obvious leaf base formation around the top of the shaft, then it is self-cleaning. In general, palmate palms are not self-cleaning, and pinatte palms are self cleaning.

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