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Summer of Extremes.

Good morning all from Lush HQ!  What a terrible week it has been for large sections of Queensland and Northern NSW.  

Our hearts go out to the many people who have been devastated by this unprecedented weather disaster and we thank our lucky stars we have been saved this time.  

This record hot, dry summer, it has been a struggle to keep the water up to all our plants.  Some of our precious trees have been lost in the drought and our dragonfruit orchard really suffered.  It was only a few weeks back that the Bundaberg region was drought declared.  We all prayed for rain and it didn't come and we wondered where it would end.  Then it all changed.  In the last week we have had a total of 380mm of rain!  From brown dusty fields and struggling trees to ankle deep pools!  

Like so many others we have been glued to BOM, watching the rainfall, the river heights, trends and preparing ourselves for the prospect of another 2013 flood.  Today the threat is largely passed for Bundaberg as our thoughts focus on our friends, family and communities in North Queensland, Brisbane, Rockhampton and Northern NSW. :(

As I look out this morning, at the all the beautiful green grass, happy plants and new blooms, I feel extremely grateful.  

All this new life is a promise, that there is hope, that everyone will pull through and life will be good again.  Be strong everyone.

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