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Bird of Paradise; Leafless Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia juncea)

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Strelitzia juncea is a rarer plant in the Bird of Paradise family. It has similar flowers to the Orange Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae), but foliage is narrow and spear-like. Other forms of Bird of Paradise have banana-like foliage, but Strelitzia juncea is the exception and stands out in the garden with its amazing structure and texture. Strelitzia juncea is slower growing than other Bird of Paradise varieties and is drought hardy once established.  

Strelitzia juncea grows approximate 1-2m in height and width, and although it will take 3-4 years to flower, it is very long lived and as a bold accent plant will look fantastic amongst other tropical plants, rock gardens or formal gardens.

The Narrow Leaf Bird of Paradise suits most gardens in Australia, as it not only tolerates drought well, but cold hardy although it should not be exposed to frost.  

Strelitzia juncea is best grown in full sun for best flowering performance, but could be grown in part shade. Part shade will encourage nicer, greener foliage.  

This Strelitzia needs to be grown in well draining soil, it cannot sit in water for long periods of time. It can handle high rainfall or regular watering, but water will need to be able to drain away from the roots easily.

Common names: Leafless Bird of Paradise, Narrow Leaf Bird of Paradise, Needle Leaved Bird of Paradise

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