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Bougainvillea plants, truly stunning!

Bougainvillea's, amazing tropical flowering plants!

Bougainvillea's would have to be one of my favourite tropical plants - not only do they come in amazing variations of flower colour, but they are also tough and low maintenance once they establish themselves in your garden. There is nothing more impressive than a 'wall' of Bougainvillea, grown up a trellis or dead tree, completely covered by flowers! Unfortunately we no longer grow Bougainvillea for online sale, but below are some varieties which we grow in our gardens.

bougainvillea Smartie pants Bougainvillea Smartie Pants

Bougainvillea Smartie Pants, or Smarty Pants has beautiful, vibrant pink flowers. It is one of the toughest Bougainvillea’s with a good, strong root system. It is a compact, vigorous growing plant. Leaves and flowers are packed along the stems very densely, giving it a very distinctive look.

Bougainvillea Temple Fire, a dwarf BougainvilleaBougainvillea Temple Fire Starr

Bougainvillea Temple Fire is a true dwarf form of Bougainv illea. It does not grow larger than about 60cm tall,  making it excellent as potted plants, border, or even bedding plant. Bougainvillea temple Fire is often used as bedding plant in Hawaii. It has a very compact, shrubby growth habit. Flowers are pink to deep red. Bougainvillea Temple Fire is best grown in full sun, with regular watering. This is a hybrid of Bougainvillea glabra and Bougainvillea peruviana.

bougainvillea Killie bougainvilleaBougainvillea Killie Campbell

Bougainvillea Killie Campbell is a spectacular, vigorous plant with unique flowers with start out reddish bronze, and change to deep pink before fading to a lighter cream. This gives Bougainvillea Killie Campbell a multi-coloured look, which is stunning.  It has a weeping, less vigorous growth habit, which makes it excellent for pots, hanging over the side, or on balconies and window boxes.

Bougainvillea Gloucester RoyalGloucester royal with name

Gloucester Royal is the darkest of reds with new growth being purplish red. It is fairly large growing with dark green leaves. Bracts are a stunning wine-red with cream flowers. Colour is often compared to a good Claret!

Some general Bougainvillea growing info:

Bougainvillea information:

Bougainvilleas originally came from South America, but hybridisation didn’t start until the early 1900’s. All Bougainvilleas provide a spectacular flower show for the garden, although this colour is not actually the flower, but rather the bracts, which surround the tiny little flower. In warm climates Bougainvillea’s flower on and off throughout the year. In cooler climates, most Bougainvilleas will flower throughout summer.

Bougainvillea how to grow

Bougainvillea is best grown in well-draining soil, with added fertilizer in spring & summer. Choose a fertilizer containing high amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium for optimum flowering colour. Grow in full sun to part shade with plenty of light. Bougainvillea is very hardy and survives without much water once established. They appear to thrive on neglect and will put on a fabulous flower show in warm positions with plenty of sunlight.

Encouraging flowers by way of pruning is not always recommended, as strong vegetative growth will form if your Bougainvillea is hard pruned. Once in vegetative growth, Bougainvillea will produce long thorns, rather than beautiful flowers. If pruning is necessary to keep your plant under control, give it a light prune at the end of the flowering period. If your Bougainvillea has already gotten out of control, and there is no way out but to prune it back hard, apply a fertilizer which encourages flowering such as ‘Better Bloom’.

Very low maintenance & easy to grow, an asset to any garden, park or other spot!

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