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Flamethrower Palm (Chambeyronia hookeri)

Chambeyronia macrocarpa var. hookeri is commonly called “Blonde Flamethrower Palm’. It is similar to the standard Chambeyronia macrocarpa, except for the cream to yellow crownshaft on the blonde version. New leaves emerge bright red, and fade to a shiny dark green after a few weeks. Some people believe new leaves on the Blonde Flamethrower Palm are redder than leaves on the standard Flamethrower Palm.

This Palm is fairly small which makes it manageable for most gardens; it grows to 7-10m tall. The Blonde Flamethrower’s fronds arch very gracefully, and it is self cleaning as an added bonus! A well behaved palm in general...

The Flamethrower Palm grows well in most parts of Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne, as long as the temperature does not go below 0 degrees. This palm is best grown in a shady position, as full sun does tend to burn the leaves. The Blonde Flamethrower Palm originates in New Caledonian rainforests, where it grows in very moist positions.

To grow this palm well, keep it in a moist spot, in very fertile soil. Keep them well mulched, and fertilise regularly with a slow release fertiliser or palm & foliage fertiliser. Add lots of organic matter. Some people believe the Blonde Flamethrower Palm may be able to handle the sun better than the standard Flamethrower Palm, but make sure you adjust them slowly if you are going to attempt to grow it in a sunnier spot.

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