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It's Raining... Plants! Why rainwater is better for your garden.

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 All plants need water to survive-it’s as simple as that. If you don’t water your plants they will surely die, and of course any type of water is better than none at all-but did you know that some water is better than others? Rainwater is water in its purest and most natural form, and as such surely it makes sense that it is the best thing to water your plants with. I mean, it’s been doing a pretty good job for millions of years, right?

Rainwater vs Tap Water

Rainwater falls straight from the sky, and although there are some arguments that suggest that the problem of acid rain may cause damage to plants, there is little doubt that it is a cleaner, safer and more natural way to water your plants. Tap water is treated with chemicals to make it safe for human consumption, and these chemicals are not necessarily good for our plants.

Rainwater, on the other hand, is as natural as it gets. It is softer water, making it ideal for sensitive plants, and it contains none of the chemicals that tap water is treated with. Storing rainwater for your plants is as easy as leaving a large container outside to catch the rain, then using this in place of tap water.

Tap water will differ depending on what sort of area you live in. It can be harder or softer, depending on the area, but the common factors are Chlorine and Fluoride which are added to drinking water to make it safe.

Why rain water is best for your plants:

  • It is chemical free
  • The temperature will be ambient rather than extra cold
  • It is soft water, and totally natural
  • Rainwater is highly oxygenated
  • PH levels are optimum for plant health and growth

Thunderstorms (although they may scare the dog) will be beneficial to your garden. The effects of lightening release nitrogen to the plants, and the rainfall will water and oxygenate them. 

Using rain water will not only benefit your plants but it can also take the strain off your water bills, particularly in the summer months when supplies are scarce. Storing rainwater will have an effect on reducing your bills, as well as in improving the condition of your plants. It’s a no brainer! So get out there and start collecting the perfect water for perfect plants.

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