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New Stock! Time to Come Back and Have a Look!

The slightly cooler weather has certainly seen plenty of return customers and some new ones!  We have finally had some time to get some new plants up on the website for you to peruse :)  

I hope you like some of the plants we have managed to either grow or source for you.  It is certainly hard sometimes to choose what to grow with so many wonderful choices!

Please keep asking us for the plants you are trying to source, it helps us to determine what to grow and sometimes we might just have or be able to find or grow what you are looking for.

At the moment we have another batch of Madagascar Jasmine sprouting from the seed we harvested in September, we had a bit of a rush when this beauty was mentioned on Gardening Australia last week.  We do still have a few left if you have been looking for some.

Many of the palms we planted are now starting to reach a size to make the trip to your place.  We have just added:


Pemba Palm (a rare beauty similar to Dypsis lanceolata)

Acai Palm (the one that grows Acai berries!!!!)

Pritchardia Pacifica (Gorgeous Fiji Fan Palm)

Bismarckia Palms (A big bold blue statement!)

We also have a special on Rhaphis Excelsa - Lady Palms ONLY $4.95


Nifty Natives

Native Gardenias aka Yellow Mangosteen - These guys are looking fabulous- snap them up now!

Riberry (a wonderful native lily pilly) - Nice strong plants

Native Elm (Tough and drought strong - worth a go)



Our Dragonfruit and Epiphyllums have a few newbies:

Scotts Purple Dragonfruit - (Sweet dark purply red flesh, not your usual red)

Epiphyllum strictum - spikey white flower and amazing lush foliage plant

Disocactus ackermannii - one of the most beautiful flowers I have seen

 Other pretties include:

Calathea Rattlesnake plant

Rangoon Creeper - one of the best creepers ever 

Sweet vanilla scented flowers of the Duranta lorentzii

Yellow Bird of Paradise.


We have also added Sambung - "the life extender" 

If you are keen please push the "notify me" for these plants which will be ready in the next 2-4 weeks

Rainbow Eucalyptus - This is real, not a photoshop!!

Bottle Palm - Beautiful addition to the garden


Have I forgotten any?  Maybe, come and check out the site!!


Computer Woes?

We have had a few customers, not all, who have had some trouble with our added layer of security on our website which is designed to make credit card payments even safer.  

Please, if you have any trouble, just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can sort it out for you very easily - please don't sit at your computer pulling hair when you could be in the garden!!  We can help you get those plants!!

Until next time, Happy Gardening :)

Kind Regards, Julie at Lush




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