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Rangoon Creeper plants (Quisqualis indica)

Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica)

About the Rangoon Creeper or Drunken Sailor (Quisqualis indica)

The Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica) is one of those tropical plants no garden can do without. It truly is one of my all time favourites and I grow them all over the place. True, they do need space if you let them go wild (like I do with mine!) but they can be pruned to shape and trained up a trellis.

Rangoon Creeper plants information

The Rangoon Creeper, or Drunken Sailor as it's sometimes called, is a beautiful tropical climbing plant. It is fast growing in the right conditions and can handle nearly all positions. Rangoon Creeper plants can be grown up a fence or trellis, but they can also be pruned to shape for a gorgeous shrub.

The flowers and lush foliage are its main attractions. Flowers start out white, and age to pink and then a deep cherry red. 

Rangoon Creeper

The fragrance is mesmerizing, especially at night and in the early mornings. I've planted my Rangoon creeper plants around the house, growing up a trellis, and the scent carries to the veranda (high set). I love it! It is a strong and exotic smell, kind of a cross between 'fruity, sweet and coconut'. Flowers are long and tubular and form stunning clusters which hang down from the main plant.


Rangoon Creeper

Foliage is bright green and lush on long stems, creating a cascading fountain from the base of the plant. Rangoon Creeper plants are evergreen and very fast growing. Quickly cover up ugly walls with a trellis, hide a fence, or beautify your veranda with some stunning flowers and scent to match!

Very easy care & fast growing, suitable to most gardens that do not experience a lot of frost. the Rangoon Creeper can handle a small amount of frost but may die back when too much frost is experienced. Best grown in full sun!

Common names: Rangoon Creeper, Chinese Honeysuckle, Burma Creeper, Drunken Sailor

All 3 pictures are the property of Kim Starr 

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