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Red Neck Palm or Teddy Bear Palm (Dypsis leptocheilos)

If you are looking for a new, medium sized palm for your tropical garden, why not have a look at this beautiful  variety. It is the Red Neck Palm, or Teddy Bear Palm as it is sometimes also called. Both names come from the colour and appearance of the trunk and crown shaft. ‘Red Neck’ refers to the colour of the crown shaft, as it is covered in dense, reddish brown, velvety hairs, which gives it a very unique appearance. ‘Teddy Bear’ obviously refers to the velvet hairs that cover it, creating a ‘cuddly and soft' look.

The botanical name of the Red Neck Palm is Dypsis leptocheilos. Most Dypsis varieties of palms originate in Madagascar, and Dypsis leptocheilos is no exception. The weather in Madagascar is not easy for a palm tree, being very hot and dry, and aRed Neck Palmlso cold and wet at other times. The Red Neck Palm therefore is suitable for growing in nearly  all gardens around Australia, even the cool tropics. It successfully grows as far south as Sydney! It handles cool temperatures to around 0C, but will need to be protected from strong winds in that case.

Teddy Bear Palms are also very drought tolerant, and does not need much water at all once it has established itself. It is good to water it regularly for a start to give it a boost, and also make sure you fertilise it regularly, and mulch it well. This palm grows best in full sun to light shade, and needs a well draining soil.

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