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Hot Weather & New Plants!

Well, we have been super busy here at Lush!  There are lots of new plants in the pipeline with lots of seeds sown and seedlings soaking up this warm sunny weather!  

The recent heatwaves have meant lots of extra attention to ensure our plants stay looking their best when the heat is bearing down.  

This weather has really been a test for posting plants online!  However, based on recent feedback our careful packing is ensuring plants are making to their new home in great condition :)

Now for an Online Plant Update:

For those of you who were waiting....we now have the Delicious Monster back in stock, this classic home and office plant is also a spectacular and fruity addition to the garden.

At last, we also have the Yummy and beautiful Saba Nut or Malabar Chestnut back in stock!  These trees are loving the warm weather and are already around 40cm tall!

Also back in Stock - Dwarf Date Palms, Redback Ginger, Miracle Tree (Moringa), Blue Agapanthus and the amazing Corkwood Tree.

Have you been thinking about an interesting climber to cover that old fence, heap or trellis?  Check out our Scarlett Passion Flower!  These babies are incredible!

Other Online Plants that will be ready soon include:

Coffee Tree (Arabica) - Grow your own Coffee!

Chocolate Pudding trees

Sygizium Resilience - One of the Best Lilly Pillys

Silver Trumpet Tree - One of the best flowering tropical trees anywhere!

Golden Shower Tree - Spectacular golden pendulous flowers

Yellow Bird of Paradise -"Mandellas Gold" - Rarer form of Strelitzia Reginae

Have you discovered the "Notify Me" button?  Please don't be afraid to use it!  

Occasionally we may have just a few plants ready of a particular variety, if we know you are waiting we can sometimes give you early access to a variety.

Happy Gardening Adriaan & Julie




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